Monday, September 21, 2009

Melanie & Preschool

Melanie LOVES school! Seriously, she now knows that she goes on Tuesdays & Thursdays, and she's learned to count down the days. Pretty impressive if you ask me. After 3 days of school so far, she's gotten to know a few kids, Ava, Ella F., Ella C., and Henry. It took me forever to figure out that there were 2 Ellas because she kept saying "L F" and "L C." At school, she really enjoys playing outside, doing the daily "project," and just playing with the other kids. When we pick her up, the teacher always says that Melanie was an excellent student, so I guess she's behaving herself. :-/

(Here's Melanie on her 1st day with her teacher, Ms. Donna, on the right, and the TA, Ms. Nikki, on the left.)

I was telling Lianne yesterday, I kinda feel bad being the one that gets Melanie ready in the morning. I mean, I know Mary could do a much better job making her all super-cute and everything for her teachers. I think I'm finally figuring out those hair clips though.

Anyway, she really likes school, and is always looking forward to going. I have no problem dropping her off, and Mary has no problem picking her up. I hope school is always this easy for her/us.


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  1. So cute! And sweet! I think you might do a better job than Clay, picking her clothes out and dressing her!

    btw... Macy has those pants!