Friday, September 25, 2009

Disney On Ice: Celebrations!

We made a trip to the Hampton Coliseum on Wednesday (9/23) form the opening night of "Disney On Ice: Celebrations!" As you can probably imagine, Melanie loved it!
When we went last year, the theme of the show was geared more around Tinker Bell, because of the Tinker Bell movie that came out. The theme this year was a little more ambiguous. There was a section with all the princesses; a Halloween section with a bunch of villans; a section where Mickey & Minnie traveled the globe; a Fantasia number; and a Valentine's Day-type number.We let Melanie dress up like Tinker Bell this year, because we noticed a lot of little girls dressed-up last year. That was definitely an added treat for her. Overall, the show was good. The Halloween part was kinda freaky, but Melanie thought Jack Skellington was funny, so it wasn't scary to her. She was really into the part where all the different princesses came out and danced. She pointed out each one to me as they appeared, while never taking her eyes off the ice. A pretty fun experience for both children & adults.


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